Missy’s Chile Relleno Casserole

Missy’s Chile Relleno Casserole

2 (4 oz cans)                       Whole Green Chilies

1 Pound                               Monterey Jack Cheese, Shredded

5 ea                                       Whole Eggs

½ Cup                                  Milk

                                              Salt and Pepper

2 T                                        Flour

In a prepared pan, layer green chillies and cheese.

Mix together and pour over chilies and cheese, bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

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Rum Balls

Rum Balls

1 Box                     Vanilla Wafers

1 pound               Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar


½ Cup                    Lite Corn Syrup

½ Cup                    Rum

Put wafter, hershey bar and nuts in a food processor and pulse, not too finely.

Combine Corns Syrup and Rum, form into balls.  Roll in powdered sugar.

Store in a coffee can or like container and turn from top to bottom each day.

*The rum balls will only get better with time, if there are any left that is!

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3 pounds             Potatoes

4 oz                        Cream Cheese

1 ea                        Whole Egg

1 Cup                     Flour

                                Salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste

Bake or boil potatoes with skin on.  While potatoes are still warm, peel them and allow to cool slightly.

Put potatoes through ricer.

Mix cream cheese and egg with potatoes.  Add flour a bit at a time.  Depending on the moisture level of the potatoes you will need more or less of the flour.

On a lightly floured board, roll into a rope, cut into 1 inch pieces, roll on the back of fork tines.

Gnocchi can be cooked immediately or froze for later use.

To cook, bring salted water to a boil, drop gnocchi in and cook until they float.

Toss in brown butter, serve with parmesan shavings.

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4 Ingredient Rolls Anyone?

4 Ingredient Rolls

1 pkg                     Jiffy Cake Mix (Yellow) *

1 pkg                     Rapid Rise Yeast

4 Cups                   Flour

2 Cups                   Warm Water

Mix together, let rise for 45 minutes.  Punch dough down, shape into rolls, let rise again and bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees.

*Can substitute jiffy corn bread.

I have also used a chocolate cake mix, added dried cherries soaked in hot water.

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2 Bunches             Flat Leaf/Italian Parsley

2 Cloves                Garlic (might need to add more)

2 Flats                   Anchovies in Oil

2 Large Cans       Tomato Sauce (add according to color)

                                Olive Oil to bring mixture together

                                Salt and Pepper to taste

In a food processor, pulse garlic and parsley together to form a chunky paste, add anchovies, salt and pepper.  Pour into a bowl and add tomato sauce and olive oil.  Taste and adjust seasoning.

This will make just about anything taste amazing.  Great on roast, steaks or lamb.  Also makes a great spread for grilled bread.

Of course there is always Grandpa’s favorite, sandwiched between two pieces of bread.

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½ Gallon               Heavy Cream

8 ea                        Whole Eggs

1 Cup                     Sugar

1 tsp                      Vanilla

1 tsp                      Cinnamon

                                Nutmeg, to taste

Bring cream, half of the sugar and spices to a simmer.  Combine remaining sugar and eggs.  Temper cream into egg and sugar mixture.  Return to stove and stir until mixture has thickened (similar to a pudding) pull off stove, cover with plastic wrap and cool.  Crèma will firm up when chilled.

If the mixture has any lumps, strain before chilling.  Crèma will keep for about 3 days (if there is any left). 

Crèma is great by itself, but also with fruit of served over angel food cake.

A note from Gramma:  When we made this together she told me she thought her kids sometimes “faked” being sick just for this cure-all!

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Elephant “Elegant” Wine Cake

Elephant “Elegant” Wine Cake

1 ea        Yellow Cake Mix

1 ea        Instant Vanilla Pudding

½ Cup    Oil

4 ea        Whole Eggs

¾ Cup    Medium Dry Sherry

¼ Cup    Water

1 Cup     Chopped nuts (optional)

Combine dry ingredients in mixing bowl, whisk in liquid ingredients and incorporate well.

Bake in a prepared bundt cake pan at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes.  Cool slightly, turn onto cake plate, dust with powdered sugar.

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